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MAR-APR 2018

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4 4 4 4 PREVENTS HEARTWORM DISEASE TREATS AND CONTROLS 3 SPECIES OF HOOKWORMS TREATS AND CONTROLS 2 SPECIES OF ROUNDWORMS OWNERS PREFER IT 1 AND DOGS LOVE IT 2 TRUST. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: HEARTGARD ® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) is well tolerated. All dogs should be tested for heartworm infection before starting a preventive program. Following the use of HEARTGARD Plus, digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. For more information, please visit ®HEARTGARD and the Dog & Hand logo are registered trademarks of Merial. ©2018 Merial, Inc., Duluth, GA. All rights reserved. HGD16TRADEAD (01/18). 1 Data on file at Merial. 2 Freedom of Information: NADA140-971 (January 15, 1993). HEARTGARD Plus is a Merial product. Merial is now part of Boehringer Ingelheim.

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