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INSIDE NAVC It's a proven fact that the human-animal bond has been shown to improve the wellbeing of clients and pets. The NAVC and the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) launched a new certification focused on the science behind this bond. This specialized training will set a practice apart from the rest and may attract more clients. Gain individual certification or certification for the entire practice.* Presented in a work-at-your-own-pace style, there are 22 hours of course content available as preparation materials. Testing is officially open; however, the exam is timed and must be completed in one sitting, which is accessible year-round. The course structure consists of six modules and includes a science component. Here are some highlights. Science: ■ Describe the neurological mechanisms that are fundamental to the Human-Animal Bond. ■ Articulate the scientific benefits of owning a pet for a healthy lifestyle. Communication: ■ Demonstrate effective communication techniques by leveraging scenario-based learning opportunities. ■ Practice role-playing case with team members to gain mastery on skills that are important to succeed as a Human-Animal Bond practitioner. Community Engagement: ■ Identify organizations that promote Human-Animal Bond through community engagement. ■ Develop protocols to implement community engagement activities that promote the Human- Animal Bond. Practice Welfare: ■ Develop Mission and Vision statements that positions your practice for success. ■ Develop educational materials to train staff on Human-Animal Bond. Animal Welfare: ■ Understand how to perform a comprehensive assessment of an animal patient's welfare. ■ Become familiar with contemporary animal welfare concerns affecting communities. Medical Care: ■ Understand the importance of strengthening the bond with pet owners when providing care for pets with cancer, routine preventive care, and dermatological care. Upon successful completion of the exam, registrants will receive a certificate of completion. In addition, individual and practice marketing toolkits are available. For more information, visit *To qualify for a practice certification, at least 50% of staff must be certified. Human-Animal Bond in Practice CERTIFICATION Ph 800.742.0516 Fx 866.373.0030 • 20+ years of veterinary-specific experience • Customized for individual animal needs • Quick turnaround time – shipped same or next business day

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